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Dignity and respect for asylum seekers

All people have inherent dignity and deserve respect. Since August 2022 over 8,000 asylum seekers have arrived in Chicago. New asylum seekers continue to arrive in Chicago daily. Many have made a harrowing journey, but all are fleeing persecution and harm. Upon arrival, both adults and families with children are often sent to police stations and other temporary locations due to a lack of adequate shelters. These facilities lack even basic necessities like bedding, food, and showers. The Chicago Newcomers Assistance Network is a local volunteer group organized to help asylum seekers at the District One police station meet the newcomer’s basic needs and establish independence.

Currently, our core programs include ensuring asylum seekers sheltering at District 1 police station:

1. Receive three meals a day.

2. Receive a welcome kit including blankets/sleeping bags/yoga mats, personal hygiene kits, new underwear, socks and a large tote bag upon arrival. Diapers for babies and toddlers.

3. Support and/or transportation for showers at the local park district, visits to the laundromat, medical visits and free stores.

4. Receive OTC and prescription medicines when needed.

Thank you in advance for your donation and please remember that many employers match employee donations. Please be sure to check if your employer has a matching program to maximize the impact of your gift. We can provide any necessary documentation upon request.

Recurring donations are especially appreciated as they give us the stability to effectively adapt to changing needs and to respond to emergency situations.

Please connect with us at for updates on our efforts.